Abhilash John Philip Product Manager Based out of Delhi,India. Currently working with Housing.com.

Beyond hartals

97! Uff just 3 short of century. This is the number of days, kerala has seen hartals in 2018. According to an estimate, this has taken away a staggering Rs.7200 to state’s GDP. Not to mention the loss in investments.

We’re Saving Time For Home Seekers- Here’s How!

Imagine that you are moving to a new city and looking for a place for rent. What will you do? You will ideally ask for recommendations from someone you know. Maybe you will look online for those localities that are close to your office.

Co-Owned Property Purchase

Below is the pitch deck I prepared for a recent global hackathon at our company Proptiger. Our idea was to provide a platform to enable shared property purchases. Though our team didn’t won any prize in the event, I think this is worth sharing as the problem of unaffordability of ...

Protecting the ones who feeds us

Recently NITI Ayog released its ‘Three Year action agenda’ in which one of the key agenda is to double the agriculture income by 2022. Today we are witnessing a scenario of crop losses due to either elusive or excessive rainfall on the one side and on the other side farmers are committing suicide ...

Introduction to Coupon Management Systems

Building a coupon management was the first project I did at IB. Though I searched for a CMS to use as a reference but couldn’t find one. Eventually I conceptualised the entire system myself.This is a post aimed at explaining the basic layout of a Coupon management system for websites

Courier selection engine for E commerce companies

E commerce companies ship their products to customers via multiple courier partners. Most of them have an automated courier selection process for shipping. At IB one of the major challenges we faced was the increasing logistics cost. Hence we developed a system to automatically recommend the courier to be selected for each package that was shipped from our warehouses and by our sellers spread across India.....